Chen Ruo Bing’s art makes me always wonder, why these binary ensembles of colors, with almost no exception, are not tiresome but stay fresh all the time. My conclusion is that, it is because he has preordained in his painting the presence of one spectator and, therefore, his work is de facto ternary. It may sound mysterious. Then, let’s imagine that: a beam of sunshine breaks through a seam  between tiles and then projects itself onto the wall. The light is so attractive. All in amaze, you gaze at it and time stands still in your eyes...... This is exactly the experience of the sort Chen Ruo Bing conveys. In comparison with Barnett Newman’s lofty and mysterious light that running through from top to bottom a if it were the one which has heaven and earth separated, Chen Ruo Bing’s coheres and manifests itself in his inmost meditation. From the luminous color leaking out of the fringes of the swimming “ink blobs” in his early work, to the light blobs and beams coated in a sort of grey color in the matured work and to, recently, the surprising and amazing light auras of the kind often caught by the dazzled eyes, the artist has exposed the whole course of a mediating man’s life. The object to him is, exclusively, the light! The very one he sees during his artistic monkery!

Li Jianchun